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Terrebonne High School Alumni Association

This page is dedicated to preserve the memories of the people who attended Terrebonne High School. It is our intention to provide a community that embodies the spirit, knowledge and wisdom fostered by THS's dedicated faculty since 1908.

Our goal is to help foster activities and projects that will enhance or contribute toward the betterment of the school and its students. Pride in your high school should not stop on graduation night! Join us in supporting Terrebonne High School - the school we all loved when we were students - the school we continue to praise long after graduation.

Alumni Associations are great for helping alumni to stay engaged in the happenings at their school, and we encourage you to use this forum to reunite with and stay connected to former students. Don't be left out; join the association and keep that school pride going!

We need representatives from the different graduating classes that will keep us posted on information about their class. We are also in need of people who can help us keep up with changing technology.



All members are invited to attend board meetings, which are scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday in February, April, June and October each year. Meetings are currently held at South Louisiana Bank, 1362 W. Tunnel Blvd. Houma, LA at 4:00 pm. We would love to have your input and ideas for helping our alma mater, Terrebonne High School.


Terrebonne High School Alumni Association Board Members

Dalton LeBlanc: Class of 1962
Mary Jo Talbot Savoy: Class of 1972
Bonita (Bonnie) Dupre: Class of 1966
Josephine (Jo Ann) Pellegrin Caillouet: Class of 1972
Tim Lucas: Class of 1995
Ginny Keller Lottinger: Class of 1996, THS Representative
Susan Thibodeaux Grace: Class of 1962
Scotty Dryden, Principal of Terrebonne High School
Terrebonne High School Student Body President



Annual renew membership dues are $15.00, Jan- Dec.


Lifetime Membership Dues are $100.00.


Please send all written correspondence to: THS Alumni Association, 315 Inglewood Way, Houma LA 70360


The Terrebonne High School Alumni Association has an online membership form and PayPal. Please email for information.


Membership Form

Please click here for the membership form.

2017-2018 Report of THS Alumni Association Fundraisers and/or support to Terrebonne High

➢ Annual $750.00 scholarship awarded each year
➢ $500 in-kind donation (2017 & 2018) to the Alumni Softball Weekend
➢ $500.00 donation to the inaugural T.H.S. “Eye of the Tiger” 5K and Fun Run in 2017
➢ THS Trivia Night Fundraiser – net proceeds were $3,056.85.
➢ Alumni Booth at THS Open House 2018/ Tailgate Booth for Alumni Night Football Game 2018
➢ Alumni Booth, assistance, and $100 each year for cake and drinks at Homecoming Reception 2017, 2018
➢ Alumni T-shirt Fundraiser – net proceeds were $609.63.
$100 to Hall of Fame Athletic Banquet Reception/ $150 for student bus/ $455 for classroom supplies


Endowment Report/Scholarships

Currently there are seven $1,000.00 Gold Endowments and one $250.00 White Endowment.

➢ $1,000 GOLD Endowment Contributors

o Logan Babin, Jr.
o Robert “Bobby” Bergeron
o James Buquet
o Dalton LeBlanc
o Edna Marie C. Sevin, in honor of Warren Sevin (2)
o James Howard Berry, Jr.

➢ $250 White Endowment Contributor
o In memory of Mary Denise Talbot, Class of 1972
o Juanita and Blake Pitre, Class of 1957

The 2017 recipient of the THS Alumni Association $750.00 scholarship was Caroline Pontiff.

The 2018 recipient of the THS Alumni Association $750.00 scholarship was Caleb Boudreaux.

Opportunities for Giving:

• All classes celebrating their 50th year are encouraged to consider making an additional scholarship award.
• All members are also encouraged to consider making donations to our general scholarship fund.
• Endowment Fund Giving Opportunities: Gold: $1000.00 Crimson: $500.00 White: $250.00
• All classes celebrating a milestone reunion or celebration are also encouraged to donate – either an endowment for your class or a donation to our scholarship fund.
• When shopping on Amazon, please consider using Amazon Smile and choosing Terrebonne High School Alumni Association as your charity.

The Terrebonne High School Alumni Association is a non-profit charity. We have IRC 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status; therefore, your dues, endowment and scholarship fund donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law under IRC Sec. 170. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 81-4196367.

THS Alumni email:
Find us on Facebook: Terrebonne High School Alumni Association

Twitter: @TerrebonneAlum1


Congratulations Mr. downer

Pictured with Mr. Downer is his wife LInda, daughter Mary Ditch and her husband John and son Blair Downer and his wife Sunny.