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Terrebonne High School is proud to be a PBIS implementation school!

Teachers, students, and Administrators work collaboratively to work with students' behavioral issues in a progressive manner.  Our goal is to lower suspensions and to reward more of the positive behaviors on campus.  Students are awarded for desirable behaviors by teachers and administration when they exhibit Tiger Pride and embrace the "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IN DAILY EFFORT" motto of out PBIS program.  We encourage students to embrace the following in the acronym "PRIDE":

P:  Personal: We expect all THS students to demonstrate PRIDE in everything they do by displaying excellence, creativity, goal setting, self-discipline, and leadership in their personal lives.

R:  Responsibility: We expect all THS students to be responsible by holding themselves accountable as they follow school expectations, guidelines and directions of the THS staff and handbook; to strive for academic excellence , to achieve success, and become productive citizens of the community.

I:  Integrity: We expect THS students to display honesty, maturity in their decisions, and doing the right thing at all times.

D:  Daily: We expect all THS students to be consistent by coming to school in time daily, arriving on campus with all necessary learning materials, eager to learn, and willing to actively participate in class every day.

E:  Effort: We expect all THS students to always to their best, to display optimism, to believe in themselves and to find a solution to every obstacle and every problem no matter how difficult it may be.


ths would like to thank raising canes for their sponsorship of PBIS.