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THS Gifted and Talented Program


Students who demonstrate high academic and intellectual aptitude or possess extraordinary talent in the visual or performing arts may be eligible for differentiated instruction. To achieve their academic potential, gifted students may be offered opportunities to master more rigorous content at an accelerated pace of instruction than their peers. Highly talented students may need additional educational support to pursue their art.

THS will provide a personal written plan, called an Individualized Education Program, for every student who meets the criteria for gifted and talented classification. This web-based plan includes personal academic goals and additional services that will be provided to the student, as well as other information that impacts the academic performance of the student.

For more information, contact our guidance counselors or the school board district about gifted screenings.


Policy- Excerpt from Bulletin 1508 about Gifted and Talented

Brochure- Characteristics of Gifted Children