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The school attempts objectives that are deemed consistent with the statement of the philosophy and the goals of this school.

- To provide quality education for all children.
- To develop in students wholesome attitudes and ethical values.
- To generate self-respect, respect of the right of the individual, and respect for authority.
- To develop vocational competency and economic efficiency.
- To provide college-preparatory experiences for students who will seek higher education.
- To develop good physical, mental, and emotional health in order to encourage healthy human relationships.
- To identify the democratic life style and the civic responsibility it demands.
- To generate learning experiences which will encourage recreational and avocational interests to better prepare the student for total living.
- To develop in students an awareness and appreciation of cultural and aesthetic values.
- To promote the development of the individual for personal and social living as a participating member of a democratic society.
- To study the needs of the future to better provide for the educational needs of the community.