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The primary goal of the American public education system is to succeed in producing self- respecting young adults prepared to live productively within the framework of a democratic society. To this aim, the life and work of the school is dedicated.

The Terrebonne High School faculty believes that public schools have the responsibility of teaching all the children of all the people and that students should be encouraged to recognize, develop and utilize their abilities, special gifts and talents in reaching their educational goals.

For the college- or university-bound students, high school must be preparatory. Academic standards must be kept high, and the students must necessarily meet these standards in order that they will be able to perform independently the tasks required of them for successful completion of their higher education.

Since the formal education of many students will terminate with high school, they must be equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and ideals which will enable them to accept the responsibilities of personal living and participate effectively as citizens and workers.

Therefore, in order to provide more meaningful preparation for the student, he should have a definite part in determining the content and activities which constitute his school experiences. His own initiative, under the direction of professional personnel, should be the basis for activity.

The curriculum should provide a variety of subject matter consistent with student and community needs using guided differentiation. The school's training should provide a high regard for democracy with emphasis on self-discipline and an intellectual appreciation of democratic institutions. It should , at the same time, prepare the individual for complete living; so that he may be useful, productive, and happy.