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     Athletic participation provides the opportunity to develop knowledge, skill and attitudes so that our students may become productive, contributing citizens of our community and society. Participation in sports and other activities is an important element in helping our students get to know each other and in teaching them the value of being part of the larger community. Athletics is an integral part of our students’ education at Terrebonne High School, whether they are spectators or participants. Participation in athletics is an extension of the school day, during which the learning process still continues. Students learn to respect competence, commitment, and sportsmanship. They learn the power of sharing their unique talents and the intensity of working together for a common goal. We encourage our students to become involved in as many programs as possible, to do their absolute best, and to support their coaches’ and their teams’ efforts to excel.

     Athletics at Terrebonne High School reflects the school’s goals and objectives for education for each student. We seek to provide an athletic program that is beneficial for all of our athletes and an athletic program that is beneficial for all individuals who participate.

Our athletic program has the following ideals:

  •      A solid moral and ethical code of conduct.
  •      Development of self-discipline and establishing team and         personal goals for success.
  •      Development of pride, confidence, self respect in the                 team and school.
  •      Establishing appropriate physical and mental health                 habits to develop a successful student-athlete.
  •      Striving for academic excellence in each student-athlete.



No student may participate or practice until the Athletic Eligibility Forms are completed and turned in to the Athletic Director through each coach.

The forms include the following:

  • A SIGNED Physical Form. Physicals must be obtained for each new school year and are valid for an entire school year.
  • A SIGNED Parental Permission Form
  • A SIGNED Drug test Permission Form
  • A SIGNED Terrebonne high School Athlete Handbook
  • A SIGNED Parent and Student-Athlete Concussion Statement
  • A copy of student’s birth certificate.


Click on the following links below to access each document:

THS Athlete Handbook

Athletic Participation-Parental Permission Revised

Concussion Packet

Concussion Awareness

Medical History-Medical Exam

Substance Abuse-Misuse Contract

Character Counts 



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